Our mission is to make learning fun.

Owl purple in a tree

There you are, fifth grade you, sitting at your school desk, pencil in hand, ready for another day of learning. And then the teacher walks in and says those two little words that send your heart plummeting into your stomach: “Pop quiz!”

But somewhere down the line, after leaving school behind, you started to miss learning. You began to crave the challenge, the chance to test yourself on the knowledge you’ve accrued through careful study or lived experience.

Owl in a lab

That’s why we created Quiz Daily — to reignite your love of learning. Reclaim your curiosity through our daily quizzes, challenging yourself on the topics you love, from history to food, gardening and sports, and more.

Why does February have such few days? Who invented the chocolate chip cookie? Why are flamingos pink?

With each quiz you’ll spark moments of discovery, improve your retention, and earn some serious bragging rights. Progress through each level, accumulating points as you go, and link your learning moments to your greater learning adventure.